Meet the Members: Co-Chairs of the FAIR Institute’s New Swiss Chapter

Welcome a new chapter to the international network of the FAIR Institute, and the three co-chairs, all experienced FAIR quantitative cyber risk analysis experts eager to share their knowledge with the community.

Video: Meet the Swiss Chapter Chairs.

(Clockwise) Luke Bader, Laura Voicu, Pierre Olodo, Anne Lupfer.

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Laura Voicu, Principal, Risk, Data and AI, Elastic

Laura comes from a data science background and an interest in probabilistic models and, when she learned about FAIR “that was it…At the time did not think it would lead to a career change to cybersecurity for me, but that was more than 6 years ago now. I learned a lot from members of the FAIR community and now is the time for me to give back.”

Pierre Olodo, Senior Lead Cyber Risk, Richemont

Pierre comes from financial industry experience and joined Richemont two years ago at the time of a FAIR launch. He has led FAIR development up from simple use cases to a program that’s so much in demand from stakeholders that his challenge now is scaling. He attributes the success of the program to a communication breakthrough: “Show how financial exposure [from cyber risk] is distributed across the value chain.” Stakeholders sit up and pay attention when you quantify the cyber loss exposure broken out for their business units.

Anne Lupfer, Deputy Group CISO, Econocom

Anne has been working with quantifying cyber risk in the insurance industry for many years and is a longtime Jack Jones fan and user of the Institute’s FAIR-U free FAIR analytics tool. She highlights three benefits FAIR: “The first one is breaking silos. The second is making people aware of other solutions and  points of view towards risk. The third is attaining the appropriate level of accountability…Risk management is not only an expert task, it is for everybody in the company."

Anne and Pierre will present on scaling and accelerating FAIR quantitative cyber risk analysis at the upcoming FAIR Institute Europe Summit. “Because of the quality of the exchanges at FAIR Institute conferences and the quality of the material we can find with the Institute, I really want to be part of this big knowledge sharing community,” Anne says.

FAIR Institute Europe Summit

“Managing Cyber Risk in the Age of New Incident Disclosure Rules”

March 13, 2024, Paris

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