A 6-Step Guide to Becoming FAIR Trained

Training Page Screen Shot.pngBecoming FAIR Trained and Certified will change how you, your team, and your organization view and act on risk. Fully understanding and implementing the FAIR model makes risk professionals into business-aligned leaders, showing their organizations the way to better, more informed and cost-effective decision-making. 

Are you ready to join up? The FAIR Institute through its Technical Advisor, RiskLens, have all the training materials you need to learn FAIR and get officially certified as a FAIR analyst.  

Here is our 6-step guide from introduction to certification. 

Step 1 – Familiarize yourself with FAIR

  • Join The FAIR Institute (free membership) and get access to Member Resources, Local Chapter Meetings, and Workgroup Calls
  • Get helpful tips, and learn how other risk professionals apply the FAIR model at The FAIR Institute Blog

Step 2 – Get your copy of the FAIR Book

Step 3 – Complete FAIR Training with the online, video-based platform

  • New, self-paced curriculum covers the principles of FAIR in 20+ videos
  • Includes reading materials, exercises and a voucher to take the Certification Exam

Step 4 – Watch FAIR in action with the updated FAIR-U Tool

  • Practice your FAIR knowledge with FAIR-U, our free training web application
  • Perform single analyses built on FAIR with guided scoping, calibrated estimates, and embedded Monte Carlo simulations

Step 5 – Take the FAIR Certification Exam

  • Open FAIR certification is issued by The Open Group, a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through IT standards
  • FAIR is the international standard information risk model, chosen by The Open Group and their 500 member organizations

Step 6 – Spread the word to your team and beyond

  • Become an advocate for better business decisions with FAIR
  • As a FAIR Institute member, you can participate in an online Work Group or a local chapter or share with other FAIR users on our LinkedIn group. 

University student or teacher? The FAIR University Curriculum is our free academic program. 


Learn How FAIR Can Help You Make Better Business Decisions

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