FAIR Institute Summer Book Club Final Meeting - All 6 Chapter Guides to the FAIR Book Are Right Here

FAIR Institute Summer Book ClubTime flies when you’re quantifying risk, Labor Day is in sight, and we’re wrapping up our summer group read of the FAIR book, Measuring and Managing Information Risk by Jack Jones and Jack Freund, with the final discussion guide, covering Chapter 12 (Risk Management), Chapter 13 (Information Security Metrics) and Chapter 14 (Implementing Risk Management). Download the discussion guide now

Some of the highlights of this study guide:

  • The 10-minute quiz for your team on effective risk management
  • How to know what metrics to use when
  • Watch out for the Law of Diminishing Returns

If you made it to the end – congratulations to you and your group! Next step, take a FAIR training course for hands-on experience in FAIR analysis and take the exam to get certified as a FAIR analyst. And if you weren’t able to organize a summer FAIR book club – no worries, these discussion guides are good all year round.

Here are all six:

Chapter 1, (Introduction), Chapter 2 (Basic Risk Concepts) and Chapter 3 (The FAIR Risk Ontology)

Chapter 4 (FAIR Terminology) and Chapter 5 (Measurement)

Chapter 6 (Analysis Process) and 7 (Understanding Results)

Chapter 8 (Risk Analysis Examples) and Chapter 9 (Thinking about Risk Scenarios Using FAIR) 

Chapter 10 (Common Mistakes) and Chapter 11 (Controls)

Chapter 12 (Risk Management), Chapter 13 (Information Security Metrics) and Chapter 14 (Implementing Risk Management)

Also open year round: The FAIR book discussion board on LINK. Join the FAIR Institute (it’s free to qualified professionals) to sign up for LINK, the member resources site.

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