Just Released: FAIR-U Training Demo Video

FAIR-U-Training-App-Logo.pngIf you haven't tried out the new and free FAIR-U Tool for performing single FAIR-based risk analyses, check out our new demo video below. This brief tutorial video will give you an oversight into the tool and provide key tips and insights for running your own analysis. 

FAIR-U is our first officially sanctioned training application for running FAIR risk analysis.

  • Guaranteed to correctly leverage the FAIR model
  • Better alternative to do-it-yourself spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheet approaches have inherent limitations, 
    require programming and quickly become unwieldy 
  • Natively supports guided scoping, calibrated estimates and Monte Carlo simulations

The tool is offered free of charge by RiskLens, the Institute’s technical advisor. If you are interested in more training and education on FAIR, check out the options for FAIR Training and Certification



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